2019 Event

Highlight of this year IDY Event

The 5th IDY was celebrated on Sunday, June 30th at India Cultural Center (ICC) in Tampa. The Program was 3.5 hours long followed by veggie lunch. The program covered the eight limbs of yoga as guidelines on how to live meaningful and purposeful life. The IDY-2019 had back to back sessions and covered following sessions including a Prayer, Vedic Chanting, Asana, Pranayama, Meditation, etc.

Sessions & topics covered:

  • Mantra Chanting - Viswasundar Sethuraman & Manoj Narayanan
  • SESSION#1 Asanas - Jennifer Leavy (Pose by Pose)
  • Food as Medicine - Dr. Soham Patel
  • SESSION#2 Pranayama - Anita Rao (Yoga Shakti)
  • Karma Yoga - Dr. Eswar Dutt
  • SESSION#3 PratyahArA/DhAraNA/DhyAnA – LaMor Silas (Yoga'mour)
  • Bhakti Yoga - Dr. Krishnamurthy Ramakrishna
  • SESSION#4 Asanas – Preeti Singh (Yoga Style)
  • Yoga and Cancer - Dr. Raju Rao
  • SESSION#5 Yoga Nidra – Kalindi Hoffman(Amrit Yoga Institute)

Presenters & supporting organizations:

Jennifer Leavy

Pose by Pose

Dr. Soham Patel

Preventive Endocrinologist

Anita Rao

Yoga Shakti

Dr. Dutt

Internal Medicine

LaMor Silas


Dr. Ramakrishna


Preeti Singh

Yoga Style

Dr. Raju Rao



Amrit Yoga Institute